Sagittarius Ascendant

Shubham Alock

Shubham Alock is a practising Vedic Astrologer since December 2012. He practises Vedic Astrology given in classics and refrains away from modern useless modifications and misinterpretation of rules. He possesses knowledge of Parashari System of Astrology along with Jaiminian Method, Tajik (Solar Charts) and Prashna (Horary Astrology). His method of applying Sutra's of Jaimini is quite different, one can also find his methods at many places differ from those methods which are generally used, this is because of his classical understanding of Sage's and Acharya's works. Along with being a practising astrologer, he also writes on astrology (for his website and for other magazine's as well), he also teaches students and maintains a YouTube channel as well. To know more about him, it is always recommended to connect with him personally or visit "know me" page of the website.

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32 Responses

  1. Bhavya Sharma says:

    very good initiative by you. You are blessed soul keep the good work continue. Take a bow

  2. Deepti says:

    Nice information about Dhanu Lagna…Just have small doubt , if you can answer …what if mars is debilitated in 8th house (Ashlesha) but aspected by Jupiter in (Dhanistha) also debilitated but with moon in (sharavana) 2nd house. Is it good or bad?

    • Dear Deepti
      A debilitated planet is always negative especially when it is malefic. For Dhanu lagna Mars is the 12th Lord who is good in the 8th house being debilitated as it makes Vipareet Raaj Yoga. But being 5th lord it is bad. This is a bad combination because the 5th lord is one of the best planets in a horoscope and his weakness of affliction is something bad to have. Lagnesh being debilitated is also bad but it makes Dhana Yoga in your case along with Gajakesari Yoga. Mars is now not more debilitated because of Neech Bhanga and after giving some bad effects of the 5th house initially it will improve. Overall this makes good Dhana Yoga but is bad for family, happiness and marital life also it will cause some diseases especially with the mouth.

  3. Yogi says:

    Hi You mentioned Jupiter is bad in 7th house but also mentioned it is good in Kendras. What happens if Ju,Me,Sun in 7th house ?

    • For Sagittarius Lagna, it is a combination of 1st 4th 9th 7th and 10th lord.Hence it is Good.

      • Kumar says:

        hi sir,
        what if Ju,Sun,Venus,Mercury in 7th house .? In above reply you mentioned its good combination (Ju,Me,Sun in 7th house ?). my daughter has
        4-planets in 7th house Ju,Sun,Venus,Mercury ? and Mars in 6th house…

      • Dear Kumar, four planets in any house is not good as it creates imbalances, up to three it is still manageable. However prediction from just one factor is always dangerous, one must look at various factors before predicting anything.

  4. ANUSH says:

    Hi I have Jupiter and ketu in cancer (exalted) 14 degrees. Currently Jupiter Mahadasha is started and mine is dhanu lagna . Rahu, Saturn,sun, Mercury in 2 nd house. How will be Jupiter Mahadasha ?

  5. Yogi says:

    Hi Shubham ji, which planets in the combination Ju, Su, Me in 7th house give good results ?
    Mercury is really interesting is it good or bad with this combination ?

    • Dear Yogi for Sagittarius ascendant Mercury will give good effects because he is in own Sign, Sun as 9th lord is good for Marriage matters but also gives more than one marriage or affairs, Jupiter suffers the most in the combination. Mercury also gets the power to kill/cause sufferings because of Kendra-Adhipatya Dosha

      • Yogi says:

        Thanks for the reply Shubham ji. Can you elaborate why Jupiter suffers the most with this combination ? Jupiter is the lagna lord here right ? Venus in 6th house (own) and Ven-Jup starts next year. Just wanted to know the effects.

      • Because Jupiter is devoid of Directional Strength [Digabala] and he is in enemy sign.

  6. Kamlesh says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have 4 planets in the 6th house in my chart: Venus, Rahu, Mercury and Sun. What is effect of this? Lagna is Dhanu. Jupiter is in Lagna itself but retrograde. Please tell me if Jupiter in retrograde status is yogakaraka for me. Also let me know the effect of mercury for me as I am facing mainly issues in 7th and 10th house related matters. Also 3 planets in my chart are retrograde: Ju, Mars and Saturn. What are the effects of these retrograde planets.
    DOB: 7th June 1984, Place: Coimbatore, Time: Night 8:50 PM.

  7. Sheeja says:

    Is Mars placement in 12 th house is indication of childlessness ?

  8. Sheeja says:

    Saturn.mercury and sun conjuction in lagna and jupiter in seventh indication of what

    • Very good for money matters, wealth and professional achievements in life, luck will support through life but you can create a problem for yourself by not adhering to the advice given by elders. Health and happiness will be a problematic area of life.

  9. Pritam Saha says:

    I have Jupiter debilitated (13:28 degree) in 2nd house. Sun (18.18) & Mercury (27.32) in 10th house. Saturn (1.36) 12th house. Moon (26.38) 6th house. Do I have a BUDHADITYA YOGA? If yes then what is the effect of this yoga on my career? Aspect of Debilitated Jupiter on 10th house is good/bad in my case? How will be the Jupiter-Sun, Jupiter-Moon & Jupiter-Mars Mahadasha-Antardasha for me in respect of career?

  10. Sravani says:

    Good information but not effective,venus is very malefic one and when it sits 7th house conjunction with can you predict this

  11. Hari says:

    What will be the result when Jupiter is in 6th and Saturn in 8H for Sagittarius ASC?

  12. Kshitija says:

    Sir,Is mercury in capricorn 2 nd house good or bad for dhanu lagna?

  13. eshwar Ganjam says:

    for me jupiter retro [17.10] with rahu [4.0] degrees in 7th house gemini and mercury [24] sun[11] in lagna… see 1st lord in 7th and 7th lord in 1st along with 9th lord sun is this creates Good raj yoga?

  14. Ganesh sarma says:

    Guruji lgna is dhanu. In my birth chart moon and rahu is in 4th house. Jupiter in 5th . Mars in 9th house . Ketu in 10 th houae . Saturn in 12th house and sun , venus and budh in 8th house.. please detail explain my 4th and 8th house .

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