Combustion – Shiva’s third Eye

Shubham Alock

Shubham alock is a practising Vedic Atrologer. He got interested in this science on 26th December 2012. Till that time he is completely immersed in this science and fantasized by its depth and precision. He practises Vedic Astrology given in classics and refrain away from modern useless modifications and misinterpretation of rules. He possess knowledge of Parashari System of Astrology along with Jaiminian Method, Tajik (Solar Charts) and Prashna (Horary Astrology). He especially loves Jaimini Astrology and is amazed on the complications made in it by scholars whereas he thinks Jaimini is quiet an easy system where sage (his propagator) already gave a lot of hints to decode it. Besides being a professional Astrologer he is a businessman Situated in Delhi and A student of Commerce. He loves writing and reading.

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20 Responses

  1. Avinash kumar says:

    Excellent work on combustion. I have not read this much detailed article on the are new shining star of the horizon.very hard work and your best ever!

  2. Jyotirmoy Kalita says:

    Hello.. What are the indications if the ascendant lord (jupiter) is combust? Can it’s aspect have some influence?

    • Lagna lord combust indicates one will have weak health. As far as combustion is concerned because of Jupiter being of Akash Tattwa he will least suffer combustion. Also, a combust planet indicates one needs to work with qualities of that planet because he is humiliated. In this case, as Jupiter indicates spirituality and idealism, one will suffer in this regard and in whole life he will have compromises in these areas where he needs to constantly correct/improve himself.

      • Jyotirmoy Kalita says:

        Thank you. How should we prepare for such an antardasha of combust lagnesh in the dasha of venus? The lagnesh is combust within the same nakshatra pada (chitra 3) by debilitated sun and is aspected by retro saturn in capricorn. How would you interpret this? Can you suggest remedies?

      • Dear Jyotirmoy,
        to suggest anything like this is playing with chart and also with the science of astrology, as you know there are various factors in astrology, everything needs to be seen before suggesting any remedy or making any predictions.
        Is there anything general? No. everything is chart specific. Hence, a complete analysis of a chart is recommended before suggesting anything.
        Lacks of people in this world will be going through Venus Dasha and Lagnesha Antardasha, but your fortune is difference from all lacks of them, isn’t it. Hence, I reccomend you to take a consultation by visiting

  3. MS says:

    Dear Shubham,

    This article is completely oriented towards ill-effects of combustion. But there can be good effects of combustion too. This article does not prescribe those.
    Combustion actually happens when a planet brightness is overpowered by Sun’s brightness. And this article does not explain the facts logically
    Effects of combustion should be explained scientifically & logically too; where if malefic planets have become combust & as they loose power to do anything; they cant do even bad. This becomes boon to people with charts who would be affected by ill effects of dangerous malefic planets.
    Also Planet Sun is shown in bad-light; mostly throughout the article. Sun; though natural malefic; becomes functional benefic too; for most of the lagna charts. You need to consider even those while doing predictions about combust planets

    • Dear MS

      Yes, I agree. Prediction can’t be taught with a single article, as you can see the article is big [words], I wish to write series on this, slowly as time permits me. I will write on all aspects of it.

      Yes, functional nature is to consider. But as far as combustion is concerned, it is seen in a bad light only.Otherwise, give me a shloka where sage gives the good effect of combustion. All these effects are seen when we predict using horoscopes, logic and rational thinking can sometimes fail when we come to real charts, isn’t it.

  4. Bikash agrawal says:

    Sir pranam.What does a combusted mars indicate in a kark lagna in the second house.can i do any remedy for this?

    • Dear Bikas.
      Mars in 2nd house is a very bad planet because it indicates one will not have any support from his family or will deny taking help from his family himself due to his nature. Now combustion means Mars is suffering very much, this is a troublesome situation, A complete analysis of horoscope is needed, however as far as remedy is concerned you can visit Shri Baidyanath Dham is Deoghar-Jharkhand and worship there [Once each year] to alleviate this problem.

  5. deepak says:

    sir how about combustive mercury(26° 30′ 57″)with sun(25° 56′ 04″) in scorpio

  6. Rhea says:

    What is the effect if darakaraka Jupiter is combust?

  7. Duarte says:

    Does the combustion only affect the planet or the significations of the house he rules?

  8. Avishek says:

    Hi Shubham,
    Great work! I need some help.
    I am an Aquarius ascendant. Saturn and Mercury is present in 11th house at 9 and 5 degrees. Sun is present in my 10 th house at 28 degrees.
    Does that mean Mercury and Saturn are combust. If yes , what are the possible consequences of that?
    Can I wear Emerald and Neelam ?


    • Yes, they are combust, the effect of combustion is either diseases related to that planet or harm in some other significations, which needs to be seen through other divisional charts.
      Wearing a Neelam will be very beneficial for you, Emerald must be avoided due to bad placement of 8th lord aspecting 5th house being with Lagnesha in 11th house.

  9. Manisha says:

    Hi Shubham. I am aries ascendent having combust Sa in 7th house. What will be its impact.

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