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Personal Life

Shubham Alock was born on 9th January in Tarapur Village of Munger District in the Bihar state of India to Mother Lakshmi Kumari [Mars and Venus exalted, Venus and Nodes Vargottama] and Father Jai Prakash Kapri [Mercury exalted, Saturn in Mool-Trikona], as a result, he himself have Mars exalted, Jupiter in Mool Trikona, Saturn in Own Rashi and Nodes in Vargottama, Rest all planets are in their friendly signs.


When he was three months old his mother moved with him to Deoghar in Jharkhand, The abode of Baba Baidyanath.

Baba Baidyanath [Baiju Nath] – Baidyanath Jyotirlinga also known as Baba Dham is one of the twelve jyotirlingas [the most sacred abode of Lord Shiva]. It is a temple complex consisting of the main temple of Baba Baidyanath [where the Jyotirlinga is installed] and 21 other temples.
According to Hindu beliefs, the demon king Ravana worshipped Shiva at the current site of the temple to get the boons that he later used to wreak havoc in the world. Ravana offered his ten heads one after another to Shiva as a sacrifice. Pleased with this, Shiva descended to cure Ravana who was injured. As he acted as a doctor, he is referred to as Vaidhya (“doctor”). From this aspect of Shiva, the temple derives its name. [This information is collected from Wikipedia]
However as per my discussion with a Kawadiya [Devotees of Lord Shiva who take water from the Ganges in Sultanganj and travel 110kms on barefoot to reach Deoghar and then pour holy water over Shivalinga, they keep a stick made of wood on their shoulders decorated with different things such as idol of Shiva, Snakes etc, Water in a pot/bottle is also attached to that stick which remains hanging down with the help of rope. These devotees rarely stop (only 2-3 hours to sleep) and they follow the strict rule to avoid non-veg food and in the whole travel, the stick is never kept on the ground or to say the water from the Ganges never touches the ground. Such is their devotion. Flabbergasted? Then listen about another genre of devotees knows as “Dak-Bam” they do the same journey on foot from Sultanganj to Baba Dham [Deoghar] without resting/stopping at any place.
That Kawadiya told me that [It is also a Puranic Story, Now I unable to quote reference]. Shiva was happy from the worship of Ravana. When he gave his heads to Shiva, Shiva chopped his head and presented to Shiva, but Shiva gave him another head, he also chopped that head and gave to Shiva. Like this, he gave his 9 heads to Shiva when he was going to chop his 10th head Lord Shiva appeared in front of him and permitted him a boon. Ravana told Shiva that he wants to take Shiva to Lanka [His abode], Lord Shiva said he can’t leave Kailash [His abode] but to grant his wish he will go there in form of Linga [purest form of Shiva]. But there was a condition attached to it that in the way from Kailash to Lanka, Linga must not be kept on the ground if it is kept that he will become fixed to that place. Ravana was going with Linga to his abode Lanka, but God’s were unhappy from this, They approached Shri Maha Vishnu to intervene. Because if Linga reached Lanka then Ravana will become invincible. So Shri Mahavishnu with his Aadya Maya Shakti [Shri Maha Kali] created the urge to urinate in Ravana. For this Ravana needed to hand Linga to someone who will hold it until Ravana finishes Nature’s call. Then Vishnu [Or Ganesha according to some other Purana’s] appeared in front of Ravana in the form of a cowherd. Ravana told him to hold the Linga and went to urinate. He was constantly urinating [due to Maya]. In the meantime, after telling Ravana a few times to finish quickly the cowherd became fed up and placed the Linga over there, it became fixed.
He also told me that there was a cowherd [it is a forest regoin] named Baiju, he used to take his animals for gazing and in between, he had a habit to beat the linga with his stick, he used to hit the linga daily 3-4 times with his stick. One day he forgot to do so and reached his home when he sat for food he realised this, he suddenly got and ran towards the jungle to beat the linga. when he lifted his stick to beat at that time Shiva appeared in front of him, because Shiva is Bhola [Innocent] he is satisfied with even this mode of worship. This gave him the authority to first worship the linga and the Shiva Linga is named after him Baiju [His name] and Nath [Lord]
He also told me that Shri Rama and Sita also worshipped this linga when they were in exile for 14 years. Have a Darshana of the lord.

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To know more about Baba Baidyanath Dham or Kanwaria’s, visit the official site at –

The Baba Baidyanath temple complex consists of the main temple of Baba Baidyanath, where the Jyotirlingam is installed, and 21 other temples. They are – Sri Ram Temple, Maa Ganga Temple, Anand Bhairav Temple [Enjoying/Cheerful Bhairava], Gauri-Shankar Temple [Maa Gauri with Shankara – a householder Shiva], Maa Tara Temple [Mahavidya], Narmadeshwar Temple [Shivalinga found in river Narmada is worshipped with a distinguished attention and devotion], Maa Kali Temple, Maa Annapurna Temple [Devi as fulfiller of grains], Lakshmi Narayana Temple, Neel Kantha Temple [Shiva when his throat was turned blue due to consumption of poison from churning of ocean], Maa Parvati Temple [Wife of Shiva], Maa Jagat Janani Temple [Devi as mother of worlds], Ganesh Temple, Brahma Temple [Very few temples dedicated to Brahma are in this world], Maa Sandhya Temple [Goddess of evening- Wife of Sun], Kaal Bhairav Temple [Bhairava as time personified – fierce – giving death], Hanuman Temple, Manasa Temple [Godess/mother of serpants], Maa Saraswati Temple, Surya Narayana Temple, Maa Bagala Temple [Mahavidya].
Along with this, there is also Chandra Kupa Well [Well of Moon], Tulasi Chauraha [Mother Vrinda – another wife of Shri Vishnu in form of tree/plant] and Neel Chakra [an altar in the temple courtyard, people connect it with Maa Kamakhya of assam]

There is some difference of opinion in identifying Vaidyanath Dham [metioned in Purana’s] between Baba Baidyanath Dham in Deoghar, Jharkhand. Vaijnath Temple at Parli, Maharastra and Baijnath Temple at Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh. However as per most of the scholars and looking at rising of the Shaiva Cults such as Kapalika and Bhairava and customs/traditions prevalent in surrounding areas, I am [Shubham Alock] is of the opinion that Baba Baidyanath Dham in Deoghar, Jharkhand is one of the Jyotirlinga’s mentioned in Puranas.

In the Baidyanath Temple his Mundana Sanskara was performed [There are more than sixteen Sanskaras in Sanatana Dharma which I will write about in a separate article, Here some brief information about the importance of Mundana Sanskara.

Mundana Samskara – Samskara literally means Sacrament/Ordination/Impression, However as per me in Hindu Dharma Sanskara is an important ritual which makes includes some alchemical process which is very essential for growth of human’s. There is a Samskara known as Karna-Chedana [which means piercing the ears] It is found in research that those who go through this Samskara never suffer from problems such as a hernia and AIDS, many such benefits are there which are still to be researched by scientists [such is the greatness of Vedic Dharma/Sanatana Dharma].
When a child is born, he is born with some hairs on his scalp which is considered impure in Hindu Dharma. As per Hindu Dharma, one gets Human Life after going through 84,00,000 different species. To get rid of all Karma’s and debts from these previous births [of animal’s] one needs to go through Mundana Samskara. You can’t get rid of those Karma’s whom you commit in human life because it is done with utmost consciousness and intelligence which other animals lack [That’s why we have Jyotish/Astrology, to read your debts and Karma’s committed or acquired in your previous human life].
There is a complete procedure [Like everything in Hinduism] to do this Samskara. As it is evident from the process [to be dealt with in my article on Sodash Samskara] this ritual is worship of mind, to use your mind at best is the epitome of Human life. It is evident that if the head is blessed by God’s it will engage in pious thoughts and will keep one away from impure thoughts and impure deeds, what one thinks is what one commits.

Because his Mundana Samskara was done in a spiritual place, one of the holiest places in Hindu Dharma, a Jyotirlinga. He feels that he is specially blessed by Lord Shiva [and for that matter any deity because all deities are one and same – Advaita is what he believes in]. More about this in professional/Jyotish section.

His maternal grandfather who is a retired headmaster contributed much to his development, whatever good he has in himself he credits it to him. He always mentions that it was his maternal grandfather who forced him to listen to Bhagwad Geeta daily [His maternal grandfather used to read Bhagwad Gita in front of him and also forced him to read] between 3 AM to 5 AM [The auspicious Brahma Muhurta] from his 3rd year to 7th year of age. An image of his Maternal Grandfather with Grandmother is given below.

Photo taken on 21 March 2018 at Nidhi Van-Vrindavan, Mathura – India.

There are many childhood stories about him told by his mother that once he was saved by a cow from being hit by a truck he was only 1.5 years old then, a bitch used to protect him from every outsider even she never let any unknown person touch him when he was in his infancy. However, he considers himself a normal person and doesn’t want to boast of him from many such stories. He is a normal worldly person like everyone who is interested in Money, Women and comforts of life. So he always remains away from titles such as Guruji, Maharajji etc. He dislikes being addressed with such names etc.

His father, paternal uncle and grandfather all are/were into astrology and palmistry. He saw his father and maternal uncle also practising some Tantric Sadhana. Every Navaratri in October-November his father observes austerity of eating only once, sleeping on the bare floor and worshipping Devi. His mother also did fast of Mother Santhosi [Santoshi means satisfied] from 1994 to 2007 every Friday without fail [Remember Shubham was born after 1995 with Venus as his Atmakaraka]. Mother/Goddess is signified by female planets Venus and Moon, Shubham has his moon aspected by three planets only, they are Exalted Mars, Jupiter in Mool-Trikona and Saturn in own Rashi this makes a very fine Raajyoga as per Phaladeepika, there is no conjunction with his Moon.

Spiritual Life

His paternal home is in a village named Lakdikola [7kms away from Banka district of Bihar], In his paternal home his father made a Hanuman Temple [His paternal home is in two sections one on left of road where they live and another on right of road where his Grandfather used to live and on that side they had rooms made for cattle, a well and his fields. Hanuman temple was made on the right side of the road behind the room for cattle]. When he was three years old they left Deoghar and moved to Lakdikola where he used to recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa daily without fail for next 1.5-2 years. Even as a child he was good at learning, he memorised complete Hanuman Chalisa from elders and used to recite, as his age advanced his pronunciation also improved. But then owing to dislocation this practice was aborted.

As he grew and because this practice was aborted he became atheist [Can you except a child to realise the spiritual importance of what he is doing?]. He remembers when he was in 6th standard one day he was in his maternal home at Tarapur [He moved to Delhi when he was in 3rd standard] when his younger brother [1 year 11 months younger than him] told him in his innocent voice that “Lord Shiva is everything, He is the supreme God, when you get frightened of darkness then take his name in mind and no ghost will come to you”. In his childhood, he used to get frightened of darkness, but this advice of his younger brother dispelled the darkness of ignorance from his life.

Whenever he reads biography/stories of spiritual person tears come out of his eyes for no reasons, this led him to initiation in Parampara of one of the highest Sadhaka of Bhakti [Love/Devotion towards God as a path to liberation].

He was initiated into Parampara of Thakur Shri Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa on 9th April 2017 by Shrimad Swami Vagishananda Ji Maharaj [Photo given below]. Because the great and magnificent personality of Shri Ramakrishna can’t be told in a small article like this where many words are already wasted in useless discussions I am giving here the link to Wikipedia profile of Shri Shri Thakur, I will write about him in detail in a separate article series.

Although he is a household devotee of Shri Shri Thakur, with this initiation he is also included in Dashnami Sampradaya of Shri Adi Shankaracharya. All Brahmachari initiates of Ramakrishna Mission [who are true to Thakur] comes under Puri Sampradaya of Dashnami Sampradaya.

Dashnami Sampradaya – Dashanami Sanyasi [Tradition of Ten Names]  is a Hindu monastic tradition of “single-staff renunciation generally associated with the Advaita Vedanta tradition. The disciples of Adi Shankaracharya are also called “Dash Nam Sanyasi” as the Title is further divided into ten groups viz. Giri, Puri, Bharti, Ban, Aranya, Sagar, Aashram, Saraswati, Tirth, and Parwat. These all dashnam Sanyasi are associated with four Math in four corners of India, established by Adi Shankaracharya. Initially, all the disciples were Sannyasins who embraced sanyas either after marriage or without getting married. Single-staff renunciates are distinct in their practices from Shaiva trishuldhari or “trident-wielding renunciates” and Vaishnava traditions of Tridandi sannyāsis.
In the 8th century, a section of the ( Ēkadaṇḍisannyāsins ) was organized by Adi Shankara into four maṭhas. However, the association of the Dasanāmis with the Shankara maṭhas remained nominal. Any Hindu, irrespective of class, caste, age or gender can seek sannyāsa as a Ēkadaṇḍi renunciate in the Dasanāmi tradition.
More about this in my article series on Shri Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. There are only two photos of Shri Shri Thakur available, I am giving them below for all to have Darshana and Blessings of Yuga Avatar of Kaliyuga [Shri Ramakrishna was considered an Avatar of Shri Vishnu – Specifically Gadadhara form of Shri Maha Vishnu]

Ramakrishna in Bhava Samadhi [When one loses his consciousness while feeling God in a certain state] at the house of Keshava Chandra Sen, He is seen supported by his nephew Hriday and surrounded by devotees of Brahmo Samaj

Photograph of Shri Shri Thakur, taken on 10 December 1881 at the studio of “The Bengal photographers” in Radhabhazar Kolkata.

Holy mother Shri Sarada Devi, wife and spiritual counterpart of Shri Shri Thakur

Shri Sri Maa, worshipping at her Udbodhan residence in Kolkata.

Astrological journey

It was December of 2012 when he was at her paternal village [Lakdikola] when he found two astrological books of his father written by Dr Narayana Dutt Shrimali because he has nothing to do there [No electricity connection in that village] and owing to his interest in the occult. He started reading those books. Preface of one of those books approached him a lot. Because those books belonged to his father, he also found his horoscope drawn in one of those books, he quickly learnt how to identify Rashi, Bhava and Graha [Thanks to the very lucid explanation given in the book] he started to read his horoscope. As a young child, he found everything written in the book was true, [When you are a child and read about Raajyoga – he has a conjunction of 4th 5th 10th and 9th lord in a single Rashi, and things such as high valour etc you are bound to get impressed. He has a perfect blend of Raajyoga, Dhanyoga, Vipareet Raajyoga and planets in dignity]. Impressed by those books he took both books with him to Delhi.

Because he was a child [in 10th standard] and no student likes to read his course books, he started to read these two books only. In Bihar, there is a tradition that when someone younger to you visits you then you give them some money known as God Ladai [Money given for touching feet – as a demonstration of blessings – Lakshmi is the greatest blessing one can have in life]. So he also got some money from his visit to Bihar, he used that money to buy astrological books. The first astrological books that he bought from his money were Jataka Parijata [Part-1] by Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha [Hindi] and How to Judge a Bhava [Part-2 by Dr B. V. Raman. He read those books and because he was a child he only used to do one thing, to underline yoga’s applicable in his horoscope and then forget them but owing to his good memory he remembered some of those which helped him in later part of his life.

Shortly after some time, he started working, to help his mother who is a single parent, but most of his money was invested in buying astrological books. He read them and then forgot, he is fond of reading and that time he used to read a lot [a practice which he even continues now, now he reads 6 hours a day without fail] and only slept for 3-4 hours a day.

The real breakthrough came when he met Shri Abhishek Chauhan, he was working in Jaico Publishing House then when one day while in bus someone asked him about where he worked he said that he works in Jaico, that gentleman asks him “Does Jaico publish astrology books?” to which he said “No, but books of fiction, self-help and engineering”. One another day when he and that gentleman was waiting for the bus he started a conversation with him. That conversation changed his life, both talked on many topics including Transits from Moon or Lagna. To which that gentleman said “because there is 70% of water in our body and because Moon signifies water he thinks transit from Moon needs to be considered” to which Shubham had no answer because he never thought about these topics seriously. Then Abhishek Ji advised him to test practically what he has read, He told “You have good theoretical knowledge, try it on charts and then you will know how to predict” Abhishek Ji himself learned astrology when he was in his teens [10th – 12th Standard] but later left astrology, Shubham considers him one of the best astrologers, they even meet now and discuss many topics, Shubham says “I never saw him failing on any horoscope, he uses nothing but simple 2+2 = 4 astrology, He doesn’t know about secrets of Jyotish, not too much Yoga’s, not too many technicalities but simple astrology of Jupiter in Lagna is Good, Karaka afflicted is bad, 10th lord in 12th gives work in foreign lands etc. He always mixes significations of planets with Bhava and then predicts and I never saw any of his predictions even failed. He unlike me who wants to make a distinction between 7th house 7th lord and Karaka, uses all of Bhava, Bhavesha and Karaka and come at a conclusion, this is a rare skill in the hand of an astrologer where he takes different criteria to come on a single conclusion without getting confused. Whenever I meet him he always reminds me that no matter how advanced you are, how many yoga’s you remember, how many secrets you know nothing can surpass the simplicity and beauty of predicting from mix and match of Significations of planets”.
He considers him his first guide in astrology, Image of Shri Abhishek Chauhan with Shubham Alock is given below, there are in the lobby of a cinema hall.

After adhering to advise of Abhishek Ji he started testing his knowledge of horoscopes and this made his knowledge refined. Then he got introduced to internet and Jyotish groups of the internet because he is a voracious reader he used to read a lot online on Facebook, India Divine, Various Yahoo Groups etc and in the process his hold over classics was lost and he was reading only online and modern books and not classics but then soon he was disillusioned. What he found that people for name and fame are writing anything over the internet which looks good while reading but fails at the face when one tries to apply them on horoscopes. There is an astrologer who knows very little Jyotish but with his half-baked knowledge and a mix of philosophy is posing himself as a great astrologer. He found problems lurking everywhere online, you can read the fantasy but can never apply the funda. For second marriage they say most of the planets in Dual signs, many people have this combination but not every one of them has a second marriage. Now he was unable to predict on horoscopes this made him leave online astrology and he resorted back to books, as he had a Job he was spending lots of his money on books, and this time he started focusing on Classics. Slowly he understood that it is only classics that can give us real astrological knowledge and everything else is just a waste of time. More about his astrological approach in the next section.

In his astrological journey, he met two great teachers of Astrology Shri Vishal Aksh and Shri Ramadas Rao.

Vishal Aksh Ji gave him initiation into Shri Durga Saptashati when he inquired about why he is not instructing him to read complete Saptashti, Vishal Ji said: “It is high energy and because you are not married you must refrain from reading it completely”. True to his comment about high energy when he read Durga Saptashati for the first time in Navaratri of October-November, he got seriously ill, such was his illness that he was even unable to sit properly, he suddenly got 105 fever and got restless, fortunately, that day all hospitals were closed owing to some government holiday. A local doctor gave him some injection with an advises to admit him in a hospital the next day. He came home but the pain was unbearable, particularly in his head. He then called Vishal Aksh ji, Shri Vishal ji gave him a mantra and told that read it for half an hour without looking at watch/clock because it is a Yuddha Mantra it can also be done from sitting in bed. He did that mantra and miraculously he was healed fast enough to recite Saptashati again in Aprahna Sandhya [Afternoon]. Later it was found out that he was suffering from Typhoid.

Ramadas Rao ji a very down to earth person but extremely knowledgeable initiated him into his Ishta Mantra and gave many other Mantra’s which changed his life miraculously, he also learnt a lot from Ramadas Ji. A discussion of Shri Ramadas Ji gave him an idea about Pushkar Navansha and Pushkar Degree which he was looking since long but was unable to find because only Jataka Parijata talks about it that too in a very concise manner without any hint on how to interpret it [Such is the power of Guru, without saying a single word he will open your eyes]. Shubham Alock always believed that Nadi Astrology is of no use because of a simple fact that in Jyotish we talk of precise predictions and accuracy, twin births and what not and then talk about the futility of Rashi Chart alone because it is same for 2.5 Hours [approx]. Then how can one rely on Nadi Astrology where planetary combinations are the same for 2.5 days. If you resort to this method of astrology then where are you talks of precise nature of predictions and twins birth. But like a real Guru Ramadas Ji illustrated him the power and beauty of Nadi Techniques, he was flabbergasted to look at his predictive skills and his predictions about him which came absolutely correct. He came to find out that Nadi is genuine and Valid science and like every technique of astrology have its own merits along with its own limitations. Chart being same for 2.5 days may be a limitation but its power of suggesting remedies, reading events of life from significations of planets and timing events from transits is unparallel. Ramadas Ji also taught him many things, not by teachings but by examples which gave him knowledge and expansion of mind and thinking capabilities at the same time. Most importantly Ramadas Ji gave him a list of which books to read and which chapters need serious attention [I think this is what sages used to do with their students in previous times – clearly shown if you read a conversation between sages and Devi in Nadi texts]. But it also gave him an idea that many fake Nadi Astrologers are hovering around this world and particularly internet who fool gullible clients with their half-baked knowledge and overconfidence. They have no ability to predict, are very weak in mathematical astrology [can’t even figure very basic truths of astronomy] but pose them greater then Parashara, Varahamihira and Jaimini.  The one who disrespects their elders and sages stands nowhere but floats in their own sea of ignorance and illusion. Given below is an image of Gurudev Shri Ramadas Rao Ji.

Shri Arnab Mukherjee whom he considers his Guide [Arnab Ji dislikes the word Guru when used for him] have helped him a lot in learning astrology. He practically taught him with examples, he never taught him formally [no one taught him formally – Shubham alock is a self-learned astrologer] but he was very kind enough to give him secrets between conversations and dialogues. When he uses the word secret it is a real secret which one can never figure out no matter how smart he is in learning. Arnab Ji holds good command over astrology If Shubham Alock has even 0.1% power of prediction he owes this to the remedy given by Shri Arnab Mukherjee of reciting Shri Saraswati Sahastrnaam Strotram which Shubham did for approximately one year and then his predictive skills were greatly enhanced. Not to talk much about his greatness [he dislikes it] It is enough to say that all the secrets that Shubham knows 80% of them belong to Shri Arnab Mukherjee. Like a humble person, he even doesn’t want his photo to be published on his website.

Shri RakeshJamwal because he was the one who advised Shubham Alock to indulge in research and start writing a blog which eventually leads him to make him his website and reach to people, also for his suggested remedy of visiting Kali Temple every Tuesday. Shubham visited Kali Temple in C. R. Park [New Delhi] for approx three months every Tuesday before going to his office. Kali Temple is known as Delhi Kalibadi, Shubham thinks that this remedy leads his fate to get initiated in Parampara of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. A photo of Rakesh Jamwal is given below.

In life we come across many people, all of them help us in one way or another everyone’s name can’t be taken due to various reasons personal as well as professional, but all those who have helped him in any way know themselves that Shubham always remembers them with Love and Respect.

Because he is an avid reader many authors helped him learn astrology whom he never met but is greatly indebted to them.

Shubham never learnt astrology formally from anyone, it was his self-study which made him an astrologer along with guidance from some kind-hearted individuals which made him what he is today.

Astrological approach

As you know now his astrological journey started with books of Narayan Dutt Shrimali Ji which gave only combinations to be remembered and then he jumped over to big classics of astrology [Jataka Parijata] he used to remember Yoga’s only and try to predict, which lead him nowhere. You can’t remember so many Shloka’s, to be honest.

With his exposure to the internet, he found that one needs to understand things and then apply because a blind application of any Yoga in a horoscope leads to disaster only, then he read books and found out that there is a hidden secret behind every Sanskrit Shloka in Jyotish books.

He then turned back to classics, but this time started reading them with an open mind. He always says it is “Literal Translation and use of mind which gives you astrological secret” but this use of mind needs to be backed up by eternal truths of Vedic Astrology.

As his astrological journey advanced he developed a deep interest in Jaimini Astrology, he can claim himself as one of those very rare astrologers who can read complete horoscope from Jaimini Astrology alone without using any other system of astrology. Most of well known Jaimini astrologers use Parashari or other methods to their aid because they lack a clear understanding of Jaimini Sutra’s which enables one to completely rely on Jaimini method of predictions. He believes that his approach/method of Jaimini astrology is literally what Jaimini intended to teach to his students. In Jaimini astrology he follows none other than Sage Jaimini himself when it comes to Jaimini astrology he is completely free from any dogma and relies completely on words of Sage Jaimini only and when words of Sage Jaimini is not there to guide him he relies on his intellect solely and partially on commentaries onJaimini astrology and other books of Jaimini Astrology such as Jyotish Phala Ratna Mala, Jataka Rajiyamu, Vaanchanadhiyamu, Kalpalatha etc.

If you do astrology you cannot deny using Parashara, Parashara is like the mother of Vedic Jyotish. Any system you do it have to be based upon Parashari Astrology only. Kp, Nadi, Tajika all have their base in Parashari astrology only, all branches are just an extension and deeper study of a part of Parashari astrology only. Jaimini is a bit different because it differs on many parts but because Jyotish an Agama Vidya [Knowledge coming from Shiva] it shares its basics with Parashari Astrology. It is Parashari astrology which tells you that Aries is ruled by Mars, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, Sun signifies government, no matter which astrology you do, you can never deny using these basics which comes from Parashari Astrology.

Shubham alock also holds good command over Parashari astrology, he possesses a solid grasp on foundations of Vedic astrology and based on this he makes/develops his advanced techniques but unlike others, he completely refrains from making any assumptive technique based on his fantasy, like many Gurus do nowadays. [For example read below what Arudha, Hora and Ghatika Lagna indicate – as said in Vaachanadhiyamu and compare it to what is being taught online. I have a simple question when a book clearly writes that Arudha Lagna is to be seen for Fortune (Book says see arudha lagna to know one will have wealth or not/translate wealth here for blessings of lady luck) then what is the reason of making a useless fantasy and teaching to people – If you haven’t understood this comment of mine then kindly ignore this]

For example, take his research about identical horoscope’s. Once someone asked him that so many people are born in the same time frame with the same chart but their fortunes differ, why? He had no answer for that at that time. So he sat for research and then suddenly an idea came to his mind that not everyone can have an identical chart [charts with same combinations as others] minimum one or two planets need to be changed which makes a huge difference, but then there are also twin births. So he thought to work with horoscope of twins. When he worked with horoscope of twins there was a lingering question about how to predict, people have bizarre techniques for that some take 3rd/11th house for another twin, some say one will always perish in life while another one will always flourish, he was of the opinion that these techniques are not correct [think on them with a clear intellect and you will be of the same opinion]. Because he is well conversant in Jaimini Astrology and knows the importance of special lagan’s in Vedic Jyotish he came to think of one of the special Lagna’s. He remembered that Vaanchanadhiyamu says that Arudha Lagna is to be seen for fortunes, Bhava Lagna for knowing matters about parents, Hora Lagna to know the longevity of parents and Rajayoga and Ghatika Lagna to know Rajayoga only. He then came to the conclusion that Raajyoga here means good or bad effects arising in the life of the native. Then he checked his idea with 15 twin horoscopes he had in this collection and found out that in cases of Twins Vighatika Lagna [Half of Ghatika Lagna] is changed and when Vighatika Lagna is made ascendant and then results are read it clearly makes a distinction between their lives and gives clear prediction with timing of events. Then came the most important question, we usually check a chart from Lagna and Navansha, only when the person tells us that he has a twin brother we start to look at his chart from a new point of view. Also, there are many persons born with the same planetary configurations and many times there are charts possessed by only one person in the complete world with no identical chart. So, how can an astrologer identify that this is a twin chart or it is a chart whose identical another chart is also in this world, so he can use his advanced tools for predictions? To answer this Shubham carefully read chapters on birth circumstances given in almost all classics but always ignored by astrologer because conditions given therein is inapplicable nowadays.  He put special attention to Yogas for the birth of twin’s, Triplets etc and after diligent study and rigorous research he came to the conclusion that in all such cases Moon will be in a dual sign in Dwadasamsa [This is just a hint, there are two more conditions to be seen in Dwadasamsa to confirm this]. So ultimately it leads him to conclude that If you find in someone’s Dwadasamsa [D12] that Moon [Egg of mother] is in a Dual sign then you may conclude that either the person is one of the Twins [Two more conditions to check twin birth which is not given here] or he is a case of an identical horoscope [another horoscope like him also somewhere in this world] and then you [an astrologer] needs to use his advanced tools for predictions. Such is his expertise and command over astrology and for this reason we have written that he is an advanced astrologer. It is futile to talk he did this or that until and unless you can prove it, So we just give one of his researches [Well guarded, never taught to anyone] to prove his mettle.

He is well read in astrology and knows well limitations of techniques along with its usage. He is one of those very rare astrologers who know when to use which technique, to which extent and how to distinguish between different techniques of Vedic Jyotish.

Limitation of Technique – For example, people also use Ashtakavarga to read results of houses, but because it is only discussed with respect to transits in Vedic astrology he is very clear in limiting usage of Ashtakavarga only in transit’s and not expanding it in reading charts. He is very clear that 7th house having good Ashtakavarga points gives good results related to 7th house is only to be used when one wants to predict effects of transit’s on daily basis and should not be expanded to reading results promised by birth chart.
When to use which Technique and how to distinguish – In his courses, he teaches that Bhava means emotion in Hindi, to love someone is a Bhava it is indicated by houses in Vedic Astrology. Because Bhava is emotion and every Bhava in Vedic astrology is covered by a Rashi, Rashi means conditions, Rashi gives a planet dignity, dignity comes from conditions. Suppose Sun [the King] is Exalted [overjoyed] it is because he is in such condition of Aries [Being first in zodiac and endowed with power – Movable sign, Free to roam, Fire element – endowed with power] a king is overjoyed when he is endowed with power and is free to roam which gives him condition like Chakravarthy Raja [A king ruling over the whole world], So Rashi is condition. Now planets are Living beings, they are portrayed like that. Sun is said king of the zodiac, King is living. Moon is a mother, the mother is living. So planets are living beings. Now interpret this in terms of 7th house, when 7th Bhava is afflicted due to the occupation of Bad Rashi it means that the emotion of person towards marriage is faulty, Suppose on is born in Aquarius Lagna it means his approach towards the institution of marriage is of dominance, he wants to dominate his wife. So it is a problem with his approach, now if this is added with Rahu in 7th house which is in a bad sign it indicates there are real issues of distrust, cheat being experienced by native which makes him over dominative. 7th lord is the wife, if she is in dignity [Happy] she may sustain even this kind of marriage but if she is not happy [weak 7th lord] then marriage is gone for a blow. Because he always refrains away from fantasy he makes it clear that if you want to know profession of spouse then refer to 10th from 7th lord which will indicate their profession, 2nd from 7th lord will indicate their family. Try the same exercise with the 7th house and you will fail miserably. Such is his command over astrology, he not only teaches but also justifies the same with example chart, this quality in him is developed from his deep understanding of Vedic Jyotish and his extensive studies in the field. This much he knows only from Rashi chart itself not to talk about divisional charts, talking of divisional charts. Shubham Alock is one of those rare astrologers who can rectify your D60 ascendant in 5minutes.

He sticks to words of sages invariably, 99% astrologers in India always use Vimshottari dasha to predict any events ignoring the advice of Parashara where he gives Vimshottari and 8 other Nakshatra Dasha’s with advice that when special conditions apply one must use special Dasha ignoring Vimshottari Dasha. Shubham Alock is very diligent in following sages and as per their advice use their words strictly making use of all 9 Nakshatra Dasha’s of Parashara. Along with this he also uses many Rashi Dasha’s, Special Dasha’s and have also made his own Dasha’s [His own interpretation of Jaimini Dasha’s]. Earlier when he was influenced from internet astrologers he used 75 Dasha’s to predict events but with time he knew the truth that many of these Dasha’s are either the wrong interpretation of words of Sages or Dasha’s emerged from someone’s fantasy. Nowadays he focuses more on developing his own Dasha’s [His own interpretation of Jaimini] with a clear intention that one dasha is able to show all events and one never needs more than one Dasha to predict different aspects of life [As some astrologers taught in past]. Human’s don’t live in simultaneous universes with different time patterns, humans live in a world with single time operating [Only one Sun to decide sunrise and not many] hence only one dasha is able to predict everything provided the fact that one knows how to use the Dasha. How to predict from a Dasha is also a problem, people use Ashtakavarga, Transits what not ignoring what Sage has advised. Read Varahamihira and you will find he told to use Dasha Pravesh Chakra, Read Parashara and Sarvartha Chintamani and you will find they never said that Dasha of the 7th lord will give marriage but they said an exalted planet [no matter who] will give auspicious events such as marriage, kingdom etc.

Shubham Alock with his strong devotion to words of sages and clear intellect is an expert in Birth Time Rectifications, Advanced Astrology [illustrated above], Jaimini Astrology and Remedial Astrology.

When it comes to remedial astrology, he is of the opinion that horoscope is a science of Karma [deeds done in past] and can be alleviated only by following words and advises of sages. Suppose you did a bad Karma in past which gave you bad 7th lord indicating bad Karma with wife, then wearing a stone won’t help reduce karma, neither throwing something in water will help reducing Karma. If God was so easy to fool then astrologers themselves must have been billionaires. Gemstones in Vedic Jyotish are mentioned only as significations of planets, like Gemstones many other things are told as significations of planets. Nowhere in Vedic Jyotish it is told that ruby will help alleviate suffering caused by Sun, it is only said that in Dasha of a good sun will give gains of Ruby, if you use Ruby for Sun as a remedial measure because it is mentioned in significations of Sun, then in a place Sun indicates temples, Should one start sleeping in temples leaving his home to alleviate sufferings caused by Sun? such laughable is the condition of astrological remedies nowadays. Shubham Alock always asks when those great sages who gave us divine science such as astrology themselves said that chanting of Mrityunjaya Mantra or performance of Mrityunjaya Homa saves one from danger of death, then why not resort to their advise and when one is running a bad time which can cause death to native, advise them Mrityunjaya Mantra instead of useless stone of the planet causing death. It needs hard-work to read scriptures and find out remedies and then it demands a deep understanding of the subject of astrology and clear interpretation of chart coupled with good intelligence to suggest a Vedic remedy [remedies sanctioned by Veda’s]. Because most of the astrologers just want to make money with their scanty knowledge and clouded intellect they suggest Gemstones and Lal Kitab remedies to their clients, which never works and causes one to either lose their belief in astrology or to go to another astrologer after wasting their money on previous one. Such astrologers try to find excuses to keep on fooling their gullible clients. Shubham Alock is always free from such practices and always suggest Vedic remedies which consist of Pooja [worship], Yagya, Mantra, visiting pilgrimages etc. He also recommends gemstones but he knows the limit that Gemstones only works in bodily ailments, when one has some diseases signified by planets only then wearing gemstone of the planet [found by a special method] can help to recover from the disease.

Shubham Alock also possesses some manuscripts of Vedic Jyotish, which is never published and are unseen by the astrological world. God willing he plans to present to the astrological fraternity these books with his own translation and commentary along with Sanskrit Shlokas for benefit of all.

From this biography of Shubham Alock, every word of which is a truth [To speak lie is forbidden to an astrologer]. It can be said that he is one of the best astrologers guiding people right now, with a high percentage of success rate. He believes that whatever is destined to you is sure to come so one need not use too many business tactics to prove themselves [but to use too less is also harmful in Kaliyuga], for this reason, he is always away from proving him or showing off about himself anywhere on any platform. With his complete adherence to words of sages, respect for his Guru’s and elders especially sages, and with complete faith in his Sadhana [Spiritual practices] he believes that whoever is destined will come and consult him or learn from him and who is not won’t come to him. He is a complete believer in Karma theory of Bhagwad Gita and Dwaita [non-duality] of Shri Adi Shankaracharya.

सर्वस्व रामकृष्णः अर्पनमस्तु