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Shubham Alock

Shubham alock is a practising Vedic Atrologer. He got interested in this science on 26th December 2012. Till that time he is completely immersed in this science and fantasized by its depth and precision. He practises Vedic Astrology given in classics and refrain away from modern useless modifications and misinterpretation of rules. He possess knowledge of Parashari System of Astrology along with Jaiminian Method, Tajik (Solar Charts) and Prashna (Horary Astrology). He especially loves Jaimini Astrology and is amazed on the complications made in it by scholars whereas he thinks Jaimini is quiet an easy system where sage (his propagator) already gave a lot of hints to decode it. Besides being a professional Astrologer he is a businessman Situated in Delhi and A student of Commerce. He loves writing and reading.

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6 Responses

  1. pt.L R sharma says:

    your astro . knowledge is best.

  2. anup says:

    sir your efforts to Vedas is remarkable as in this world of pseudo communication we are leaving the origin of astrology and misleading it through the perception.
    my question is about the natal horoscope vs sripati chalit chart. how to consider in which bhava planet is and how to differentiate it with KP.

    • Dear Anup

      In my humble opinion, the concept of Chalit Chakra is foreign and not of Vedic origins. Any planet in a Rashi is in A Bhava because Rashi and Bhava are identical. In Many Vedic Systems of Jyotish such as Jaimini Jyotish and Tantric Jyotish, there is no concept of Chalit Chakra.
      Shripati Paddhati is used by some people. They use it to see the placement of planets in Bhava, This topic is so big that it needs a separate article. Which I will write soon inspired by your comments.
      In K.P. Placidus House System is used.

  3. anup says:

    one more question for leo lagan does yogkaraka planet can be bhadesh also. similarly for kimbha lagan also how true it is?

    • Dear Anup

      For every Fixed Lagna [Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius] 9th lord is Badhkesh. First of all, we need to understand what is Badhkesh. Badha means obstruction. There can be many types of obstructions. It depends on what we are analysing/looking for. As Lagna deals with Health, Badhkesh from Lagna is only detrimental to health and not for other issues.

      There is a Badhaka for every Rashi which is for every Bhava. In Leo Lagna Badhaka for marriage is Venus because it lords 9th from 7th house. This example will make clear what I want to explain.

      Also being Badhaka doesn’t mean obstruction. For obstruction to be there Badhakesh must be afflicted, especially by the aspect of a malefic planet. Aspect modifies the nature of a planet and a malefic aspect indicates the malefic manifestation of a planet. Same is the case with a conjunction.

      I hope I am clear on the answer.

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