Chara Karakas

Shubham Alock

Shubham alock is a practising Vedic Atrologer. He got interested in this science on 26th December 2012. Till that time he is completely immersed in this science and fantasized by its depth and precision. He practises Vedic Astrology given in classics and refrain away from modern useless modifications and misinterpretation of rules. He possess knowledge of Parashari System of Astrology along with Jaiminian Method, Tajik (Solar Charts) and Prashna (Horary Astrology). He especially loves Jaimini Astrology and is amazed on the complications made in it by scholars whereas he thinks Jaimini is quiet an easy system where sage (his propagator) already gave a lot of hints to decode it. Besides being a professional Astrologer he is a businessman Situated in Delhi and A student of Commerce. He loves writing and reading.

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2 Responses

  1. I agree Kala is minutes only, Sri Vemuri Ramamurty Sastry also , taken minutes only.
    संपत्करी संस्कत व्याख्यानं-
    1- कळादिभिरित्यत्र कळा आदिभिः [कळा-विकळा] एषां ते, कळादयः तैः कळादिभिः इति बहुव्रीहिः वाच्यः ,तदा भाग इत्यर्थः नायाति । अत्र कळा एव ग्राह्याः न तु भाग इति सिद्धांतः ।
    2- Answer- Sage Jaimini clearly stated as Kala, not Bhaga or Amsa, so no place for doubt (असंदिग्धम्).

    • Yes Sampath Kumar Ji
      I also follow Shri Vemuri’s method only for calculating Chara Karakas. Yes Jaimini Sutra’s are very clear in stating to find Chara Karakas from Minutes only but some people have confused calculation of Dasha Karaka with Chara Karaka which made this confusion in existing Jaimini, Is what I think Sir.

      I am overwhelmed by your comment on my website

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