Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Kind of consultation provided?
    There is two kinds of basic consultations provided one is short consult where you can ask questions and will get answers based on that only three questions are allowed there, whereas in other Normal consultation option you can focus on any five areas of the chart and can ask as much questions as you can keeping in mind that questions don’t cross the limits of chosen area. While the former gives answer in short the latter gives detailed answer with explanation and cause of event. Along with this there are several other options like Prashna Consultation, Birth Time Rectification where consultation is only focused on those areas and other questions can’t be asked for that one need to take Short consultation along with these consultations.
  2. Methods employed for predictions?
    Shubham Alock uses classics as his base for predictions and all systems given in classics that we usually know as Parashari System, Jaimini System; Tajik System is mainly employed for predictions along with some Traditional Secrets.
  3. How you provide consultation?
    Consultations can be taken in written format where a PDF file of report made by Shubham Alock will be sent to you along with PDF of chart(s) but words can become a big handicap when you need to do cross questions for that one can opt for Phone Consultation where you can call Shubham Alock on appointed time and then can discuss to him over call where you will get an edge of asking cross questions which will be answered on call whose recordings will be sent to you for reference. You can also personally meet Shubham Alock at his office and then have a consultation make sure you have something to note down predictions and remedies given in consultation. You can also invite Shubham Alock at your home and then can have consultation either for yourself or your complete family whose charges will be mailed to you when fixing appointment, in this case you have arrange for his travelling.
  4. How to have a consultation?
    You can go the consultation page, choose a consultation for yourself and then Transfer amount using NEFT/Net banking/Payment Gateway. After the receipt of payment have been received by us you will get a mail confirming your booking for consultation and your preferred mode of consultation will be asked. Reply to that mail with your Details, Questions and Mode of Consultation you want to choose after that a time will be given to you for consultation. That time you should call Shubham Alock on +91 9971655767 or in case of written report at that time you will get your report mailed. Usually in case of written reports PDF is mailed before the given time but we can’t guarantee it and sometimes reports can be delayed by three or four hours.
  5. Expected Duration?
    Usually consultations will last 15-30 Minutes in all cases with exception of Normal consultation. Normal consultations can range between 40-120 Minutes. However it depends more on you as if you have too many questions as in case of Normal Consultations this time can increase.
  6. Waiting time before consultation?
    There is an option for Quick Consult where consultation will be provided as soon as possible most probably in 24 hours. Except that all other consultations can take time up to 24 Hours to 4-5 working days. Depending on schedule of Shubham Alock. Also as the chart needs work on astrologers front and I don’t want to make wrong judgments in hurry I can take up sometime. That will be clearly intimated to you in mail
  7. How Many Questions?
    This is specified in all consultations when you go open consultations page you will find number of questions allowed. However in Normal Consultation questions are not limited but area is limited and you can ask as much question as you want but they have to be related to the chosen area only.
  8. What to do if I want to ask more questions?
    Best option for this is to opt Normal Consultation in short consultation questions are limited to 3 only and in that case if you have more questions you need to opt for another consultation.
  9. Written report?
    Written report is also provided for that you need to specify that you need written report in the mail sent to you. However written report is not recommended because there you won’t be able to ask cross questions.
  10. Do you Guarantee Anything?
    What I can guarantee is that if remedies given by me are done with complete devotation and faith on the deity whose remedy it is, it will change your life. Either for your desired cause or the cause chosen best for you by god.
  11. Remedies?
    Excepting some consultations like Birth Time Rectification, Lost Horoscopy in all consultations remedies are provided for those areas which looks troublesome/difficult. However you can also have separate remedy consultation where you will have to specify your problems whose remedies based on your chart will be provided to you. In remedy consultation only remedies will be given. However in those areas where things can’t be really remedied, truth will be told to you and remedies will be given to alleviate suffering.
  12. What if I don’t believe in a specific type of remedy?
    You can specify that you don’t believe in this kind of remedy for example I don’t believe in gemstones in the mail you will send to us. After that while prescribing remedies those remedies will not be provided that you don’t have believe in as the most important thing in astrological remedies is your belief over them not having that remedies will never work.
  13. Can we meet and then have consultation?
    You can also personally meet Shubham Alock at his office. You can also invite him at your home and then can have consultation either for yourself or your complete family whose charges will be mailed to you when fixing appointment, in that case you have to arrange for his travelling
  14. Can I learn from you?
    Currently I am not teaching there are other prestigious institutes and they are teaching astrology joining one of them is best option as you get personal contact of a guru. however you can ask questions to Shubham Alock either by commenting on his posts or send him an email at he may take some time to reply but will reply. Kindly don’t send personal chart related information in that case comment will be deleted and mail won’t be replied. You can follow my teachings on my website by visiting Blog section apart from that I am not teaching right but if I do it in future its information will be given on website.
  15. What I want to know before consultation?
    You must know your Birth Details: Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of birth before a normal consultation. If you don’t know these information and want to know about them then you can take Lost Horoscopy Consultation, or if you just want to have answers of questions without knowing all these details you can go for Prashna/Horary Consultation.
  16. Importance of accurate birth time, and what if I don’t have it?
    Many children’s are born in an ascendant because it spans for two hours then how can we have fine predictions. Author of Phaladeepika states that it is impossible to even take one step in horoscopy without looking at divisional charts. Divisional charts are fraction of main chart called rashi chakra which divides planetary degrees into a fraction and then make charts which are used for predictions. These are highly sensitive to time and can change in 2 minutes difference. Thus to have an accurate prediction accurate timings are also needed. If you are not sure about your time then opt for Birth Time Rectification report first then choose Normal/Short Consultation. However if the error is 5-10 Minutes then please mention it in mail and no need to opt for Birth Time Rectification.
  17. Can I have a recording of conversation?
    In case of Consultations over phone it is mailed to you.
  18. Can I have consultation for someone’s chart?
    Only if the person is minor and you are his parent/guardian you can have consultation for them. In other cases you can’t haven’t until the person have given permission to you to do so. In case of permission you need to show us his permission before having consultation. In case of Match Making no proof is needed to have consultation but the person should know that his chart is being read. As a chart is a very personal document of someone’s life it should never be opened without their permission. Especially for predictions. For case studies it can be seen but then predictions shouldn’t be made.
  19. Can two people have consultation at same time, what if we have a match making to be done?
    Normally I don’t allow for this until both people are physically present in front of me. In case of match making conference over phone can be had.
  20. What if I don’t have any birth data or anything about me?
    You can take Lost Horoscopy Consultation, or if you just want to have answers of questions without knowing all these details you can go for Prashna/Horary Consultation.
  21. What if error is more than 24 hours in birth time?
    You can take Nashta Jataka/Lost Horoscopy report or can Take Birth Time Rectification report in both the processes Shubham Alock is able to find Birth Data.
  22. Can he come to my home and give a complete reading to my whole family?
    Yes you can invite Shubham Alock at your home and can have consultation for whole family for which you need to take normal consultation for all of them where he will give a concession of 35% on total amount of consultation. However in that case you have to make arrangement for his travelling and staying.
  23. What he suggests for learning astrology at own?
    There are many good books available in market you can read them to have idea about what Jyotish is. Some very good authors are also there you should not leave any book of them. After getting acquainted with basics one should read classics and try to understand them. My only advise is don’t hurry in learning knowledge can be read but wisdom needs to be digested.