Yearly Report

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Every day in life is precious then what to say about an year. An Year can be normal with no specific event happening for a person whereas for someone else the same year can be a complete transformation. To know what this coming/present year holds for you opt for this consultation.



An year can bring several changes in life for student’s it can be a turning point in their life whereas for businessman this can be a progressive year while for working people it can be a year of hike and for people with an spiritual it can bring a spiritual transformation. To know what this year holds for you opt for this consultation in which you can know prospects falling within one year and how this can shape your life.

In Vedic Jyotish one year is from This birthday to next birthday and then we have two kinds of Birth one is Normal Birthday based on Solar Calendar and another is Tithi Birthday based on Lunar Calendar in this consultation both type of charts are analysed to have a complete view of events likely to happen in coming one year and how this will shape your life and future prospects.

Native can also wish to focus on some specific areas within the coming the year which will be answered in the report along with general analysis of coming one year with each and every month defined: like how will be March for you and then what April will have in it’s bag for you.


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