Varga Viveka

Rs. 15,000.00

Varga Viveka : A course to be taught by Shubham Alock

This course will teach participants divisional charts in detail. This covers all 16 divisional charts mentioned by Sage Parashara along with their multiple variations.

After going through this course you will be able to read and predict through divisional charts confidently and well develop deep insights into chart reading and Vedic Astrology.

This also covers “Rectification of Birth Chart” as bonus topic.

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A course for those who want to learn divisional charts deeply, Classes will be conducted privately with students, they will be given a video recording for learning and an online session for questions and answers before next class. One class per week, Classes will be given every Thursday.

Along with construction of divisional charts we will also learn what deities of divisional chart signify and how to use them for prediction. For example if we see Dashamsa deities we come to know that all Dikpala [Lord of directions] are lord of Dwadasamsa which means that those planets having directional strength in Dashamsa will prominently give their results and will become instrumental in taking native to next step/advancement in life. Like this we will explore deeper secret of divisional charts along with real life cases and fulfilled predictions given by teacher of the course.

Syllabus of the Course. 

  1. Philosophy of Creation
  2. Philosophy of Divisional Charts
  3. Why many methods of calculating same divisional charts
  4. Basic principles of analysis
  5. Calculation of Divisional Charts
  6. When to use Shadvarga, Saptavarga, Dashavarga and Sodhashvarga and their usage
  7. Varga-Viveka Adhyaya of Parashara – 1
  8. Varga-Viveka Adhyaya of Parashara – 2
  9. Varga-Viveka Adhyaya of Parashara – 3
  10. Hora Chart – Wealth and Sustennce
  11. Drekkana Chart – Siblings and Death
  12. Chaturthamsa Chart – Fortune
  13. Saptamsa Chart – Progeny
  14. Navansha Chart – Spouse and Fortune
  15. Dashamsa Chart – Great results
  16. Dwadashamsa Chart – Parents, Lineage and past lives
  17. Sodashamsa Chart – Mental satisfaction
  18. Vimsamsa Chart – Spirituality and devotion
  19. Chaturvimsamsa Chart – Education and Learning
  20. Saptavimsamsa Chart – Strength, Weakness and diseases
  21. Trimsamsa Chart – Miseries
  22. Khavedamsa Chart – Everything
  23. Akshkhavedamsa Chart – Everything
  24. Shastiamsa Chart – Everything
  25. D81, D108 and D144
  26. Special rules of interpretation of Divisional charts.
  27. Dasha in divisional charts
  28. Further guidelines for those in research
  29. Birth Time Rectification [With practical examples done by me]
  30. Good Bye Class! Any topic you choose and Questions and Answers session.


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