Remedies Report

Rs. 2,000.00

To have a separate report only for remedies advised as per the horoscope go for this consultation. You are free to share your preferences before having this report this will be made as per your preference of remedies. Generally this is included in short and general consultation when needed but if you only need it then choose this option.



We are born this does mean that we have been denied moksha, being denied moksha is due to some bad karmas that we must have done in our previous lifetimes. and each of us have more or less bad karms in our account and based on that we suffer miseries in our life. to end this suffering there are two ways one of them is spiritual which suggests us to go through karmas and end them by experiencing them this is a hard way and can only be done by Yogis. general human beings gets tormented by the miseries and they are advised to do some penance in form of Mantra japa or other methods to alleviate suffering. that penance is what comes in remedies.

Generally remedies are of various kinds like Mantra, Fasts, Spiritual Discipline which are forms of penance and then remedies can be like wearing some gemstones or rings that are done when we need to strengthen planets weak in horoscope so that sufferings can be faced with strength and along with bad things good also happens in our life. and then there are remedies like good-deeds in forms of donating food that makes good karmas and gives results in this life as well as in coming lives.

Not all areas of life can be remedies as Karmas are Dridh (Can’t be remedied) Dridh-Adridh (Can be remedies by hard penance) and Adridh (Can be remedied easily) but still if the thing can’t be remedies person can take remedies for that area not to end suffering but to ensure not to worsen the situation.

Generally remedies are given with each consultation where they are needed but then there can be some Natives who don’t want to go for general consultation but only want to take remedies or there can be Natives who known they are several things in their horoscope that need to be remedied and don’t want consultation as they themselves are able to read their horoscopes. for those people this consultation is advised.


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