Past Life Astrology/Nakshatra Level – I

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There are many divisions of Karmas in Vedic Philosophy. Firstly Karma’s are divided into three groups of Sanchita, Prarabdha and Kriyamaan Karma.

Sanchit Karma is Karma which is accumulated over several lives and their results have to be faced by a person through his different lives. Prarabdha Karma is the Karma you are destined to go through in this life, it is a portion of Sanchita Karma given to you for this life. Kriyamaana Karma is those Karma’s which you make in this life while living.

These Karmas are further divided into Dridha and Adridha Karma, Dridha Karma are some sort of fixed hard Karmas whose results cant be mitigated, whereas Adridha Karma is those light Karmas whose results can be mitigated using remedial measures, intelligent planning and self-esteem.

Some people have propagated a theory that some certain house or planet indicate about Past Life Karmas, which is completely wrong, according to the great Varahamihira complete horoscope indicates past Karmas. Mihira wrote in his Laghu Jataka, Chapter One, Shloka Three

यदुपचितमन्यजन्मनि शुभाअशुभम तस्य कर्मणः पन्कतिंI व्यञ्जयति शास्त्रमेतत तमसि द्रव्याणि दीप इवII

Coming to the aspect of Karma’s, Varhamihira in his Brihat Jataka Chapter 25, Shloka 14-15 have written about how can we know from which realm a person came and where he will go after his death, it has to be noted that in Indian philosophy allotment of different realms to a soul is dependent on his Karmas only. I am producing below the relevant Shlokas.

गुरुरडुपतिशुक्रौ सूर्यभौमो यमज्ञौ विबुधपितृतिरश्चो नारकीयांश्च कुर्युःI दिनकरशशिवीर्याधिष्ठितत्रयन्शनाथाः प्रवरसमनिकृष्टास्तुङ्गह्रासादनूकेII 14

गतिरपि रिपुरन्ध्रज्यंशपोअस्तस्थितो वा गुरुरथ रिपुकेन्द्रच्छिद्रगः स्वोच्चसंस्थःI उदयति भवनेअन्त्ये सौम्यभागे च मोक्षो भवति यदि बलेन प्रोज्क्षितास्त्र शेषाःII 15

Reading these two Shlokas together you will know that past life is to be seen from Sun and Moon and future life from the strongest planet in 6th, 7th or 8th house. Compare it to what is available/taught by others such as – reverse counting from Jupiter indicates bad karma’s – I don’t know why reverse counting when the whole horoscope is a map to your past Karma’s only and why Jupiter when Mihira have already told Luminaries, or other people who tell 12th house is to be seen for past life Karmas – I can challenge them to show me one authentic text which mentions past life Karmas as a signification of 12th house etc. Everything taught nowadays in name of Past Life Karmas is just a self-cooked home-baked technique to make fool of students and earn easy money!

Coming to the current topic of Past Life Astrology, no classical book deals about this topic. Why? When the subject is so important, when complete astrological science is based on this [and the philosophy of Karma and rebirth] then why no astrological classic deals with this topic of Past Life Karmas. It is because this topic is already dealt with in another classic known as Karma Vipaka.

There are two versions of Karma Vipaka Samhita, the old and exhaustive one is named “Vriddha Surya Aruna Karma Vipaka” in this treatise lord Sun gives knowledge of Karma to his charioteer Aruna [it is noticeable that Lord Sun is taken as lord of Jyotish Shastra (Science of Astrology) and also as one of the teachers of Vedic wisdom (Taught many people such as Lord Hanumana, Aruna {Aruna Samhita and Karma Vipaka} and Maya {Surya Siddhanta}), astrology is science of Karma falling under domain of Lord Surya [This is the reason behind Mihira paying his salutations to Surya in all his astrological works]. This is an exhaustive work in Sanskrit and I have not seen it’s translation either in English or Hindi till now.
There is an another text named “Karma Vipaka” which is in form of a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati [it is again to be noted to Lord Shiva is taken as the first teacher of all Agama’s – traditional knowledge of Guru Shishya Parampara and as per Maharshi Parashara Jyotish/Astrology is also Agama Vidya – traditional knowlege], this text gives information about pending Karma’s based on Nakshatra’s and it’s different Charana’s/Pada’s/Divisions along with the remedies which are to be performed to get rid of pending Karmas. There are many Hindi translation of this text available online.

Now, the topic is not so simple as it looks, Lord Shiva have told past karmas for birth in different quarters of each Nakshatra and its effect in this life along with some remedies which are to be performed by the person if he wants to get over the bad effects of Karmas hitting his life.

Here the first question to be asked is that why Nakshatra’s are taken to indicate Past Life Karmas? it is due to this reason because Nakshatra means which is “indestructible”, it is only Karma which is indestructible and its result has to be faced by the native, this is the basic philosophy behind the acquisition of human body by the soul in Indian philosophy. [more about this later in a separate article and in course]

But there are many unanswered questions.
Which Nakshatra is to be taken for finding Past Life Karma?
Many people are born in these Nakshatra’s do they all have same Karmas and same effects?
What to do if the remedies can’t be performed by the person [due to any reason]?
Even in two persons born in the same quarter of Nakshatra, it can be that someone has done a light bad Karma and someone a heinous Karma how to distinguish between them?

To be frank, someone told me about this [book and technique] and instructed me to research on this, I did that with my close circle and found really astonishing results. Now, I am going to teach the same in this course.

The course will start after the completion of “Panchanga course” in February 2019 and this same course will also serve as “Nakshatra Level One course”, more levels of Nakshatra course will come soon in near future. Discount on this course is only valid up-to 28th December 2018.




Syllabus of the course

  1. Karma Philosophy – Introduction and Principles
  2. Principles of Past life from Astrology classics – Chapter 25 and 26 of Brihat Jataka
  3. Some techniques used by other astrologers and why it can’t be/shouldn’t be used
  4. Primary Technique
  5. Ashwini
  6. Bharani
  7. Krittika
  8. Rohini
  9. Mrigashira
  10. Ardra
  11. Punarvasu
  12. Pushya
  13. Ashalesha
  14. Magha
  15. Phalguni -Purva and Uttara
  16. Hastra
  17. Chitra
  18. Swati
  19. Vishakha
  20. Anuradha
  21. Jyestha
  22. Moola
  23. Ashadha – Poorva and Uttara
  24. Shravana
  25. Dhanistha
  26. Shatabhisha
  27. Bhadrapada – Poorva and Uttara
  28. Revati
  29. Past life Karma -Technique [close ended]
  30. Past life Karma – Technique [open ended – which can be further researched by students and will be taught in another course]
  31. Remedies – of Karma Vipaka
  32. A special class on Astrological remedies
  33. How to make new remedies for yourself and your clients
  34. General remedies and Specified remedies as per chart
  35. Conclusion
  36. Further guidance

This course will take 36 weeks to complete, each class will span between 1-2 hours.


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