Panchanga Course

Rs. 10,000.00 Rs. 5,000.00

Till now no-one has taught Panchanga which is one of the most important element of Vedic Astrology, those who taught either taught their own fantasy in name of Parampara or taught only general effects which won’t help in predictions and is unuseful in nature.

Shubham Alock teaches according to his own understanding of elements of Panchanga which is strictly based on dictums of sages and deep understanding of Shubham Alock, this course will run for two months including 8 classes of 2-3 hours each, along with videos you will also get PDF which will serve as course-book through your life, Video’s of the course will be accessible to you for lifetime. The course also includes many examples which will help you understand the technique deeply and extensively.

The course will commence from Akshay Tritiya 2019 i.e. 7 May 2019, Tuesday.

Discount on the course is only up-to 17th December 2018.

I can promise you that this course will revolutionise your Vedic Astrology study and practise and will give you new insights into a chart and advanced predictive techniques along with 99% infallible accuracy.




Syllabus of the course

  1. Introduction – Five ‘what does this number signify”, Uttam-Madhyam-Adhama Yogas, Basis of this technique, what is given in classics, the first founding steps and some very important questions such as which Ayanamsa to use etc.
  2. Tithi – Sun minus Moon, Parmatma minus Atma
  3. Vara – Sun dependent, the sub-cycle of divine time, Shiva-Vishnu-Brahma-Deva’s-Pitra’s-Human’s
  4. Nakshatra – Introduction, special access to “Introduction of Nakshatra” classes of Nakshatra level one or Past Life Astrology [depending on which course is completed first.
  5. Yoga – Sun plus Moon, Atma comes back to Parmatma, Vimshamsa
  6. Karana – Half of Tithi, Atma having limited powers
  7. Panchanga Flaw – what are the flaws of Panchanga and how does it affect predictions and kills the potential of horoscope making Yoga’s defunct.
  8. Concluding Class – Further guidelines, some pre-classes of “Panchanga Level Two” and entry into “Shubham Alock’s special Panchanga research Facebook group”.


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