Muhurta Report

Rs. 3,000.00

We know time is important as it decides questions of our life and also decide out fate. If time is this much important then why not choose an auspicious time to start any activity (Organization, Marriage) to get support of lady luck and to end difficulties from the way.

In this report we find the best time for you to commence any activity.



From the time we are born we can know everything about our future and past and from the time any question comes in your mind we can know it will be fruitful or barren, it will happen or not. if time is such an important entity in the cosmos then why not choose a time which suits you and event the best so that it can minimise suffering and maximise good luck arising from the work and remove obstacles coming in work.

Muhurta is the chosen time for any activity which when carefully chosen can alter many evils for an example a bad matched marriage if done in an favourable muhurta. will end the chances of separation but marital disharmony will be there. Muhurta have it’s own limitations.

Choosing this consultation you can have an auspicious time to commence any activity be it Business, Marriage, Dating or anything. Choose an auspicious time because only rich soil can give birth to fruitful trees.


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