Match Making

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Match your chart with another to know mutual compatibility. and how the relationship will flourish.



Match making is a process in Vedic Jyotish where two charts are matched with each other based on some criteria to know how relationship between these two people will flourish.

This can be done between people of same gender (Business Partnership / Professional Relationship) or can be done between people of different genders (Match Making for Marriage / Relationships)

Much material on this aspect of Vedic Jyotish is not available in classics and modern day astrologer’s just use some basic criteria of Moon matching to find amity between couple which can lead to disastrous judgement. Whereas we in match making match chart from different perspective that is  matching of Ascendant and Ascendant Lord and other tools which precisely tells us what’s in the store for this match and how the relationship will grow.

This matching is very important when important decision of life are being made. at outset relationship may look like amicable but once the relationship commences we see each other without masks and then try to escape from the relationship that can sometimes be easy and sometimes difficult. whatever be the case end of a relationship is always painful and to avoid such a pain Match Making is advised.


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