Kaal Nirnay

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In this course, I am going to teach three different methods of timing events, using these techniques you can time events in just five minutes with accuracy and infallibility.

Gain the confidence in predicting events and proficiency in reading horoscopes.

This course is level one and after taking this course you will enter into a series of many courses on Bhrigu system of Jyotish to be taught by me one after another [only on auspicious occasions].

Admission to this course is open only till 30th September 2018, after this no admission to this course.



Kaal Nirnaya literally means deciding the time, this is a short course of 10 days, which will commence from 10th October 2018  and will complete by 20th October 2018. there will be a class every day, class duration will be of one hour [approximately], it will be a recorded class in Hindi and English [any one language you can choose].

In this course, I wish to give a “Quick Method of Timing Events” to students.

This class will teach three different techniques.

  1. Timing events using Bhrigu Bhava Paddhati – This is a technique taught to me by Shri Sumanta Ghosal who learnt it from Dr Ranatosh Saha, it is no copy-paste because many people teach Bhrigu nowadays this course is entirely different from all those courses, this technique times event using a different method, which is very accurate [gives the year when the event will happen] and almost infallible. I have also made some changes in it [compared to what was taught to me] to make it more accurate and up to the mark.
  2. Timing evens using Sudarshan Chakra – One day I was roaming through facebook when I saw a discussion between Shri Soumitra Makhal and Shri Udyot Kar Jha Ji, where Jha Ji mentioned that those who think this finding year method came from Bhrigu must read and contemplate on Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra’s chapter on 6th house effects. I quickly  searched through that chapter and found that Parashara mentions events like ‘if so and so condition happen then this event will happen in this  year’, I contemplated on the statement and found something very fantastic which gave me a new look of Sudarshan Chakra of Parashara, I found the reason that why scholars have been struggling to use Sudarshan Chakra whereas sages have used it very frequently and liberally at many places, I also took this technique to the next level where I mix some extra elements to Sudarshan Chakra analysis which makes it unrepeatable [generally the first house comes in 1st year, 13th year, 25th year, 37th year hence it becomes repetative] and highly accurate.
  3. Timing events with Naisargik dasha of Varahamihira – In his book, Brihat Jataka Varahamihira mentions a Dasha which runs naturally for everyone. Naisargik means natural and it is a Dasha who naturally controls everyone according to the physical and mental changes one faces according to his age. Pandit Sanjay Rath worked on this Dasha and it is coded in Jagannath Hora, however, my method of Naisargika Dasha is different

Using these three techniques [after gaining proficiency] you will be able to time any event in just five minutes [Yes! Seriously].

This course will also serve as level one course for my upcoming courses on Bhrigu Jyotish which will deal with special Dashas of Bhrigu Jyotish such as “Bhrigu Naisargik Dasha”, “Mudra Dasha”, “Mukunda Dasha” and special Yoga’s of Bhrigu Jyotish which is based on intermingling of natural zodiac with functional zodiac and house lords with house  karaka’s and natural zodiac’s house lords with temporal house lords.

Admission in this course is only open till end of this month [30th September 2018].


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