Jyotish Prarambh

Rs. 5,000.00

A course on Astrology [Fundamentals] to be Taught by Shubham Alock. With an aim to develop predictive skills.



It will be a 47-50 Lectures Course: Commencing from 5th November 2017.

Lesson will be uploaded every Sunday. Students have to go through them and if any questions arises they can ask that in comment section or can discuss over phone or in a Secret Learning group over Facebook.

Everything will be illustrated with examples and charts [Wherever necessary] Along with this memory-aid will be provided for learning as I don’t want student to just memorise but to understand principles.

Extra Classes if needed will be given for development of better understanding.

Content will be less [Per Class] for easy grasping.

Classes will be conducted every Sunday, In the manner stated above.

People are also requested to give their Birth Details while ordering as it will help me to better understand their chart and to provide any Mantra [If needed] to boost up the learning process.




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