Jyotish Prarambh

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A course on Astrology [Fundamentals] to be Taught by Shubham Alock. With an aim to develop predictive skills and make students an astrologer who is well-learned and have the ability to understand and decode sayings of sages.



Syllabus and mode of teaching for “Jyotish-Prarambha”

There will be 16 classes to be taught in 4 months with an speed of one class per week (every Thursday, starting from the next Thursday of your admission) classes will be in form of Video’s spanning around one hour in length (PowerPoint slide backed up with Audio or screen recording with audio in case of example charts) which will be uploaded on YouTube in private mode (only they can see video whom I give permission to).

Ideally, you have one week time to go through the Video and understand it and may also ask questions (if any) in personal Facebook group (made exclusively for this course); but even if want to take a break from the course then you may do so from anywhere, classes will be uploaded and you may resume anytime as per your own pace, their is nothing hard and fast like do it in one week only, do as per your speed, but make sure to cover up everything in four months span. It won’t be that hard is what I can promise at the outset itself.

The fourteen classes will deal with these topics (serially)

1. Foundation and Philosophy : Chapter one and two of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra and some spirituality lessons

2. Mathematic understanding of Zodiac : How a chart is calculate, we will understand how do we put a 4D sky in a 2D image and will also understand all basic astronomical fundas which needs to be understood to have a better and clear understanding

3. Bhava : Everything about a House

4. Rashi : Everything about a Sign

5. Graha : Everything about Planets (not only 9 but 19 planets, including Upagraha and Aprakash Graha)

6. Drishti : All about aspects (Rashi Drishti, Graha Drishti, Khanda Drishti, Acchadana Drishri, Bhava Drishti and everything like do we need to take aspects in divisional chart etc)

7. Sambandha : Four Sambandha is said by Parashara and 5th one is added by Mantreshawara, we will explore them in detail

8. How to read a chart : mainly focusing on Rashi chart only

9. How to read a chart : now diving between Rashi and Divisional charts (basically it will be an in-depth introduction to divisional charts)

10. Sudarshan Chakra : Sun, Moon and Lagna as reference points and timing events using Sudarshana Chakra (a brand new method which works brilliantly, no shit! which is prevalent in market, no probability but only predictions to the point)

11. Understanding Yoga’s in detail : We will learn the inherent pattern in Yogas and how they illustrate some very very fine techniques of interpretation (how to decode a Yoga basically)

12. Strength : Ashtakavarga, Shadabala and Varga Vimshopaka/Vaisheshikamsa (we will also learn their application and limitation, I don’t teach blind astrology to be honest)

13. How to judge a matter/query : what you face most in a consultation

14. Timing Events : Dasha (only Nakshatra Dasha)

15. Timing Events : Transits (formula which works, no bullshit again)

16. Understanding Sages, Remedial Measures (how to suggest and not what to suggest) and last word of advise. Special Mantra to brilliantl students as per their horoscope.

Why choose me ? There are many astrologers and many courses in market but why you should choose me only? Because let me tell you what I will do, I will teach you a principle, I won’t force you to remember. 10th house signifies profession, but why? Sun indicates government, but why? Leo is royal sign, but why? Trines are good, but why? Yes I will teach you that why which makes you an astrologer. If I give you a set of pages which is to be used you won’t become an astrologer any day, I will teach you What, Why and When of astrology which will make you an astrologer (it is like a machenic knows how to put a valve but an engineer knows why to put a valve, I will make you an engineer not a machenic)

You will not only know what to apply but you will also know when to apply and then what to apply so that after taking the course you may know when to apply what and not just always look at notes. This is what I teach you at basic level.

Then coming to advanced levels such as timing events, I don’t teach probability, I teach predictions. I won’t give you a list of years falling in each house in Sudarshana Chakra and then tell you at these and these years event may happen, No! I will give you sureshot things such as this will happen in this year without any speculation. You will never say maybe or canbe to clients you will always say it will be to your clients, because I am teaching predictions and not probabilities.

I will make you that much efficient that after this course you will be able to handle all matters yourself, will be able to call yourself an astrologer without lying to yourself, will be able to read and understand sages without anyone’s guidance, will be able to make predictions yourself, will be able to make researches yourself, will become not an astrologer but a well read advanced astrologer.

One last thing, I am very honest with students. This course was started previous year but then I came to realise that I have messed up the course and it was difficult for students to understand it because of various reasons, So now I am admitting them into this course free of cost because they have already paid. Such is my nature, Yes I am not here to loot or fool you. Even if it is not completed in four months then belive me I will keep on teaching without asking a single penny until and unless I cover all aspects and all your questions are successfully resolved. You cam trust me on that matter, I am not here to become rich but to share something which I think is worth sharing, I belive in being rich the right way.

Remember you will become an engineer not a machenic and I will teach you predictions and not probabilities.


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