Jaimini Consultation

Rs. 7,500.00

A consultation completely based on Jaimini Astrology with no mixture of Parashari or any other kind of Astrology. You can ask five questions of your choice in this consultation which will be answered along with remedial measures [If needed]

P.S.- Shubham Alock practises his own method of Jamini Astrology which is different from others, so please don’t teach him who is your Atmakaraka, he knows your Atmakaraka better than you.



A special Jaimini consultation where your complete chart will be analysed using Jaimini Astrology system developed by Shubham Alock. However, as Shubham refrains from giving complete consultations you are free to ask him five questions, which he will answer in details and will also provide remedial measures if needed.

Most probably he will also calculate a Dasha for you [with his hands – not with computer softwares] that Dasha along with a short note on every Dasha and Dasha starting and ending dates will also be sent to you in text/pdf format.

Before opting for the consultation please make it clear that Shubham Alock uses his own method of Jaimini Astrology which is different from which is being taught/practised in the astrological market. So please don’t teach him astrology by saying that this is my Atmakaraka and probably you are calculating it wrong.


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