Dashamsa Consultation

Rs. 2,000.00

This consultation only focuses on career.



General Consultation includes an answer to questions which includes analysis of different divisional charts. But sometimes it is just a matter of a single divisional chart. This is one such consultation which only focused on Dashamsa also known as D10 which focuses only on the career prospects of a native.

Please remember that general consultation also includes remedies and analysis of more than one chart which this consultation option doesn’t provide. For example, if you want to know which profession will give me more luck with fewer efforts of will my wife help my profession. These type of questions needs analysis of both D9 and D10 which is done only in General Consultation and not in this consultation. It only focuses on Timing of Career, and it’s Up’s and Down’s.

If I think that your question needs analysis of another chart then I can reject that question too and will give you a chance to either go for General Consultation or change your question.


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