Birth Time Rectification

Rs. 5,000.00 Rs. 3,500.00

Uncertain about your birth time. get this consultation for yourself to have your birth-time rectified. Doesn’t matter how big or small the error is we get this done for you with complete accuracy and justification of past events.



Birth time is very sensitive, in earlier times birth records were not kept and people usually above 50 don’t have their birth time known to them. whereas in modern days where delivery’s are done in hospitals each and every person inside is concerned about health of mother and child and usually fail to note birth time accurately and then based on their discrimination write birth-time in birth certificates.

However one can never bet how accurate their birth time. where sages are not clear about what needs to be taken as birth time. modern day astrologers use probability technique to correct birth time which is not satisfactory and only acceptable method to come at right birth time can be done through rectification of each and every divisional chart.

Need not to worry about how much error is in your birth time. be it 1-2 Minuted to complete day. go for this consultation and we will find your birth-time for you. along with this please send 5 past events of your life along with date of happening so that rectification can be verified using past events. for example – Passed 12th Standard with B grade on 12th March 2016. the events will be justified based on your chart and then the birth time given by us can be used further for any kind of consultation be it with us or someone else.


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