Webinar Recording – Atmakaraka and Profession

Rs. 2,500.00

A two-part webinar was done on Atmakaraka/Karakamsa and how it indicates professions, this is the recording of the same. A Facebook group is also made to discuss any difficulties which arise while using the techniques taught if you purchase this product you will also get added into the Facebook group or can ask questions through Mail, using your product/customer ID.

After you purchase this product, Just write a mail to consult@shubhamalock.com asking for the link to the recorded files which are uploaded over YouTube in a private section [can be only viewed by the persons with link].



In this webinar, I have taught rules for judging profession from Atmakaraka/Karakamsa. Along with this many other rules and secrets of Jaimini Astrology were also taught, for example-

  1. The difference between normal Jaimini aspects and frontal aspect and when to use which one.
  2. The real application of primary Argala
  3. Definition of Atmakaraka and Karakamsa
  4. Application of Yogada
  5. One example of the usage of Padanathamsa Dasa

many more secrets were also taught, you have to see it to believe it.

If you are interested in Jaimini Astrology in any-way, then this Video series is a must for you.


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