Those who want to take consultation from me, Should transfer amount to my bank account (provided below) and after that they need to send me an email to : describing their questions and providing their birth details (In case of Natal Chart Analysis) or time of their first conversation with me (In case of Prashna/Horary Chart’s). After this they are requested to communicate with me through my number +91 9971655767 and should fix time for consultation (over phone/social media/mail) once I receive notification for payment done, you will be provided with an appointment date and time that will be used for consultations.

In case of those who think that their birth time may contain error are requested to send me at-least 5 past events of their life with date of happening (whatever data available) So that I can rectify their chart before consultation.

Charges for Consultation

1. General consultation – 3000 INR 

General Consultation: Complete chart analysis will be done and all questions will be answered. We don’t provide anything like complete horoscope analysis but in this consultation native is free to ask as many questions as he want that can be from one area or from various areas of the charts.


2. Prashna cosultation  – 1500 INR 

Have a question in mind but uncertain about Birth Details, Take this consultation to get answer of any three questions which can include several sub-questions.

3. Match Making (Marriage/Business Partnership) – 3000 INR 

Match your chart with another to know mutual compatibility. and how the relationship will flourish.

4. Yearly report – 2000 INR 

Every day in life is precious then what to say about an year. An Year can be normal with no specific event happening for a person whereas for someone else the same year can be a complete transformation. To know what this coming/present year holds for you opt for this consultation.

5. Birth Time Rectification (A form will be sent to you and you should fill it and send us back for Birth Time Rectification) – 3000 INR

Uncertain about your birth time. get this consultation for yourself to have your birth-time rectified. Doesn’t matter how big or small the error is we get this done for you with complete accuracy and justification of past events.

6. Muhurta Report – 1000 INR 

We know time is important as it decides questions of our life and also decide out fate. If time is this much important then why not choose an auspicious time to start any activity (Organization, Marriage) to get support of lady luck and to end difficulties from the way.

In this report we find the best time for you to commence any activity.

7. Remedies recommendation  – 2000 INR

To have a separate report only for remedies advised as per the horoscope go for this consultation. You are free to share your preferences before having this report this will be made as per your preference of remedies. Generally this is included in short and general consultation when needed but if you only need it then choose this option.

8. Follow-up – 750 INR

Want to add extra-questions in Short consultation or want to ask one questions which were left in a previous consultation but don’t want to buy a new consultation then go for this option. Only for old clients and for consultation took between previous four months.

Bank Details where Amount need to be Transferred/deposited is

Name – Shubham

State Bank of India, Savings A/C No – 35284281645, IFSC Code – SBIN0060360

Address – Siddharth Extension, New Delhi.

Foreign Clients can pay through –

Post Script – In case of those who got an e-mail consultation and if they had difficulties in understanding something they can have a voice recording which will explaining things.
Legal Disclaimer – Vedic Astrology is a spiritual guidance based on Hindu Mythology. There is nothing definite in astrology and nothing can ever be predicted hundred percent. This is a spiritual knowledge that can only be realized subconsciously. Having said that, Shubham Alock is not responsible for any harm you make to yourself or to someone else misusing this divine science ,not following guidance or going against it.
Note – 3rd party cases will not be accepted, you can only take consultation for yourself, spouse and progeny (excluding special cases).