Shubham Alock

Shubham Alock is engaged into astrology since December 2012, he hails from a traditional astrological family, his Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, and Uncle all were into astrology. He is a self-taught astrologer, having a personal collection of more than 3000 books on astrology he devotes 8 hours daily to study astrology without fail, in rest of the time he is engaged in writing articles, researches and giving consultation. He also teaches unique courses on astrology which can only be taught by a person like him. He specialises in Jaimini Astrology [He is one of those very few astrologers who can read a complete chart using Jaimini Astrology]. He can use more than 75 Dasha’s to time events, his grasp on the Remedial aspect of astrology is superb because he uses only that bit of information which is given in classics of Vedic Hindu thought he promises alleviation of suffering within 40 days of performing all remedies provided by him.

He is a very advanced astrologer, who reputed astrologers from all over world consult for their personal problems. He specialises in things such as Birth Time Rectification, Prediction on the chart of Twins, Reading divisional charts, He can rectify birth time up to 15 seconds [this is his precision].

He is a treasure mine of astrological knowledge, from timing events for mundane people such as marriage and progeny he is well versed in things such as how to know such a time when predictions made by an astrologer will never fail. He also specialises in Prashna, he can tell you your query without you even uttering a single word in front of him.

He knows many secrets of Vedic Astrology which is not taught openly but only given secretly. Along with this in his personal life he is an initiated devotee who is well aware of spiritual life and spiritual secrets, unlike others he refrains from giving any mantra coming in his mind to his clients, but he checks mantra compatibility with the person he is going to give mantra to using the rules of Mantra prescription.

Because his remedies are all based on authoritative words of sages and saints of yore and because he knows the limitation of astrological techniques [How and How much to use them] he is one of the best and most accurate astrologers guiding people right now.